Right String, Wrong Yo-Yo
Right String, Wrong Yo Yo
Fun-Guy Records, December 11, 2020

Track Listing
1: Right String Wrong Yo Yo

Notes: Released as a digital single on December 11th, 2020 via the Reverend Horton Heat’s own label, Fun-Guy Records. It’s the first in a series of cover songs that have had a meaning to the career of Reverend Horton Heat. “Right String, Wrong Yo-Yo” is important to Jim Heath for a couple of reasons.

It was a song that his friend Ted Roddy introduced to him and was one of the songs they often played in “Teddy and the Talltops” during the great rockabilly scare of 1983 – back when Jim Heath was a band member. They emulated the version of the song by the great Carl Perkins.

The song is also important to Jim Heath as it’s a tie-in to one of his best music and gig memories. Jim Heath says, “Carl Perkins was by far my most memorable celebrity encounter. Reverend Horton Heat got to open for him once in Dallas and after the show, Carl talked to me for about an hour and a half! He was super nice and funny and I could tell that he really enjoyed telling me a ton of great stories from back in the day. He was an amazing man.”