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Howdy Cats and Kittens,
I’m back with another “blog.” Man I can’t stand that word. Oh well. Hope everyone is getting their holiday thing going. Mine’s going pretty well.

I think that the gift of the year, at least for little girls, has got to be something called “Butterscotch”. It’s an interactive horse (pony/whatever) that, by my standards for what a toy should be is huge – 3 feet by 4 feet. And, oh yeah, it lists for $299.00. At that price, they’ve still sold out of them everywhere. We saw them on Amazon for $700.00. I think this is a real problem with Christmas/Hanukkah. These crazy parent people will spend three hundred dollars for something that’s less than 12 months away from being junk in the garage, then, other even crazier parent people, in a fit of envy, will spend seven hundred dollars for this thing that will get played with for a while on Christmas morning until the box that it came in becomes more popular than “Butterscotch” herself. Just buy the box and call it a “fort”. The Santa at the mall (currently the only sane adult on the planet) told my little one that Butterscotch wouldn’t fit in his sleigh. I love Santa Claus.

Once again, I’m asking everyone to get added as a friend on the Nascar Craftsman Truck Series racing team that I sponsor. Go to www.myspace.com/jeffmilburnracing Adding myspace friends for Jeff will help him to get “real” sponsors. (See, I’m not “real”, I’m “surreal”.) Anyway, you get the picture. Hot rod culture guys (us), with not much money, running with the big boys (Nascar millionaires). Jeff is building another two cars so he’ll have the chance to run in consecutive races. His skills in this Nascar thing are improving every day so I’m sure the new cars will be better and better.

Next week (hopefully), I’ll have a new rant for all you hot gals and cool guys. It will either be about why I don’t go out much anymore, or, why buying flowers in the grocery store can help guys meet chicks. Exciting stuff, huh?

Oh yeah, Rev. Organdrum plays the Cavern Club on Thursday Dec. 14. Rev. Horton Heat plays the Gypsy Tea Room on Saturday Dec. 23. The December 23 gig will feature some Christmas songs. Get out there and get that shopping done before it’s too late and the guilt sets in.

Jim “Reverend Horton” Heath

Jeff Milburn Racing

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Howdy Cats and Kittens,

It’s been a long, long time since I put up a blog. Here’s why. For me blogs don’t work unless they rant about something. It’s funny that since my last “update from the road”, they’re now called “blogs”. They were probably called that back then – I was/am just too out of it to know it. Anyway, unless I’m pissed off about something, the “blog” is just a sweet little chit-chat about what famous people I’ve brown-nosed. Hey, that’s another reason – I don’t brown-nose anybody, therefore, no little blog. Anyway, enough said. I’m back. I won’t rant this time, but, I’ve got a few things up my sleeve for future “blogs” (man I dislike that word).

I’ve been sponsoring a race team. Jeff Milburn racing. In case you don’t know, Jeff has been building a ’32 Ford 5-window coupe for me. It’s a project that we’ve been working on for more than a decade. It’s going to be ready next year – finally. We went to talk to the upholstery guru this week. Anyway, in the meantime, I’ve watched my genius friend Jeff grow his expertise and reputation until now he’s gone really nuts. What he’s doing now is pretty major. It’s Nascar Craftsman Truck Series. In case you don’t know what this is, I’m going to include a link to the Jeff Milburn Racing web site. In a nutshell, it’s a David and Goliath scenario. David (Jeff Milburn Racing) vs. Goliath (all the other Nascar Craftsman Truck teams who spend millions and millions of dollars on they’re cars and gigantic crews and engineers). Jeff’s team is made up of these young punk/rockabilly looking guys with cool tattoos who show up in a big black 18-Wheeler with a primer black Chevy truck in the back. What’s really cool is that to even get to this point is an engineering feat in itself. The presence of Jeff’s team at the few events we can afford to attend has a lot of rich Nascar teams scratching their heads in amazement. The specs that your car has to meet to hang with these guys are very intense. It’s Nascar. For Jeff to even be there and now be qualifying and finishing races, is…well kind of unbelievable – unless you know Jeff. I’m asking all of our fans to help David beat the Giant and just go to Jeff’s my space page and get added as a friend. I’ll keep you posted as to when Jeff will race again. By the way, he’s not the driver. He’s the car builder/owner. I’m not sure who the next driver will be. Go #76. www.myspace.com/jeffmilburnracing

We’re looking forward to our next little run of dates in the western U.S. Hope to see you at the show!

Jim “Reverend Horton” Heath

Heat List

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Hey Cool Cats and Krazy Kittens,

The Reverend Horton Heat here to let you know that my old car is up for sale again. Whenever I get it looking and running good with the intent to sell it, I end up keeping it. This time it’s for real.

Here’s why. I have a daughter in college and one on her way to college. I have so many responsibilities in just the business side of Rev. Horton Heat, it’s all that I can do to keep that all together. I have a 1932 project that has to be finished, and may be finished this year, but I don’t have the proper space for it if I don’t sell the ’50. The ’50 has been garage kept for most of it’s life. Even as my newer cars sit in the elements.

That said, I still don’t want to sell this car. I keep telling myself, “Jim, your a musician. Consider yourself lucky and don’t get in over your head on this car thing.” Then, I go driving around Dallas in this ’50 Ford Custom and I fall in love with this car all over again. I have even continued to spend time and money on this thing, though it really won’t make the car more valuable. I just want to keep it as safe as possible, looking and running good. This car would be perfect for someone who will chop the top, french the head and tail lights, put in a Nova front end and so on. It does have an exhaust leak near the headers at this time, but, I may spend the money to fix that too before long. Buy my 1950 Ford. It will be on e-bay soon.

That brings me to another issue. Jeff Milburn. Jeff has done extensive work on the ’50 and everything on the ’32. The original builders of the ’50 were Frank Staten of Little Elm, Texas and someone named Jarvis – I think. But anyway, I want to tell you about Jeff Milburn’s latest endeavor – Nascar trucks.

In case that you don’t know this. Nascar is huge. Bigger than the Super Bowl on an almost weekly basis. Just behind that is the Nascar truck series. All of these Nascar race team are and have spent millions of dollars to get into these races and race. Now, here comes Jeff Milburn. He’s getting closer all the time on a shoe-string budget. How? He’s a genius and a really hard worker. There is going to be a big Reverend Horton Heat logo on the back of his car. Look for us on the Speed Channel on Sept. 24 at 9:00 PM. It’s a Nascar truck race in Las Vegas.

I’ll let you know the name of the driver and the number of the car. I think that it’s going to be car #76. Anyway, it’s an exiting new endeavor for Jeff. Even though he’s been racing for most of his life, this is pretty big. Good luck to Jeff Milburn Racing. Check out the Speed Channel if you don’t have it already. Also, check out Jeff-Milburn.com for more info and to see some cool pictures of his shop and cars.

The dates of the races for Jeff are -
Sept 24th in Las Vegas. On TV at 9 PM on the Speed Channel.
November 4th at Texas Motor Speedway. On TV at 9 PM on the Speed Channel.
November 11th (tentative) at Phoenix. On TV at 8 PM on the Speed Channel.

The other thing that I wanted to mention is that I’m compiling a “Heat List”. This is for venues that feel absolutely no responsibility to make sure that their place is not a sweat box. The reason for this is that our fans deserve to see a show without passing out from heat stroke or being un-comfortable from the lack of adequate air conditioning. If you’ve only seen Reverend Horton Heat in a hot room, you have not seen us at our best and the promoters are laughing because they wrongly believe that no A/C means more beer sales. That’s another problem. They sell a lot of beer when we play either way.

When it’s that hot and humid, I have to keep my eyes shut to keep the sweat from burning. This keeps me from making eye contact with our fans and prevents me from feeding off of the crowd. It makes the shows run a shorter length of time. And, I can’t play nearly as accurately when sweat is covering my guitar.

At Vaudeville Mew in Des Moines, it was so hot and humid, my vintage Fender Twin Reverb amplifier started to come un-glued. When I look in the back of my amplifier to see condensation from the humidity dripping off of the vintage electronics and tubes in my amplifiers, it makes me know that Reverend Horton Heat is playing a chump venue for a rip-off promoter with no class.

Let’s all pitch in and let our local promoters know that it’s a rip-off and dangerous. And remember, if you are fan of our band and your local venue has inadequate A/C, it means that we may not play in your town for a very long time if these slacker promoters and slacker venues are not made to see the light.

The first postings to my “Heat List” are these venues.
Lincoln, NE/Knickerbockers
Des Moines, IA/Vaudeville Mews
Montgomery, AL/Off The Wagon

And don’t get the mistaken idea that this is a summer-time issue. In the winter, promoters will leave their A/C off to save money with the excuse of “Hey, it’s winter time.” Some venues up north think that they need little or no A/C, because they say, “Hey, it’s winter time in the North. We don’t need A/C.” Let’s get professional people for the fans sake.

Thanks for the gig,
Jim “Reverend Horton” Heath

From Muy Fabulosa East Dallas, Texas

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Howdy From Muy Fabulosa East Dallas, Texas,

I think that I’m just going to change the title of these writings to “Update.” I want to try to keep ya’ll occupied even when we’re not touring. It still may change yet, but for now, it’s “Update.”

Tonight I’m listening to Los Straitjackets. So, what else is new?

Last night I saw a play called “A Tuna Christmas.” It was very funny. Now I have to see “Greater Tuna”.

I don’t remember much from the last few Reverend Horton Heat gigs except that it was very good to see some old friends.

Oh yeah, all that stuff about friendly people in Oklahoma. Let’s get one thing straight. There are jerks everywhere. And, some of the nicest people in the world are up north.

Today I want to talk about MTV. They have a little antitrust suit against them for forcing record companies — poor bastards — to place their artists’ videos exclusively with MTV.

I have a few other questions. Do this mean that the labels and MTV are in collusion? Does this mean that MTV and the labels have deals worked out before us, the public, can decide if it’s worthy or not? Does this mean that, in other words, the labels pay MTV, in one form or another, to play their videos?

We all knew it was happening. They strung Alan Freed up by his nuts back in the fifties for taking payola. I’d like to see the same thing happen here. Except there’s one problem, MTV doesn’t have any nuts!

I remember about two years ago, MTV sent this memo to all of the record companies saying, in effect, “MTV is no longer taking any unsolicited videos from any label, so, don’t waste your time submitting new videos to MTV.” Kind of the don’t call us, we’ll call you, thing.

By the way, if any of you know anything about that memo, or better yet, can obtain a copy of it, e-mail us.

Anyway, the memo should have said, “MTV is no longer accepting any videos that we do not have exclusive rights to.” Friends, that’s receiving something for airplay. That’s payola. We all could tell that it was happening. That channel sucks anyway. They just have shows with real kids complaining. Not much music anymore.

OK. Time for today’s buys and sells -
Buy – Hootenanny

Sell – SUVs

Buy – spring reverb — that’s a musical effect that uses springs in a chamber. See Dick Dale, Duane Eddy.

Sell – Taking a sample of some great riff from some old recording and making it your so-called “whole new song” by adding some “fresh beats.”

Buy – Mike Ness

Sell – “Who wants to be a millionaire?”

Buy – White to yellow, to orange, to red hotrod flames

Sell – Gold wheels – but I have to admit, even those catch my eye

Buy – Alan Freed – thanks for the gig.

Until whenever,
Jim “Reverend Horton” Heath

From Springfield MO

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Howdy Cats and Kittens from Springfield MO,

I’m here in Springfield to open this little tour of the Midwest. I’ve been really busy this year with our new album. I still have to call it an album, not CD. After all, it is still an album. I’ve been so into it, that I can’t remember much of what has happened this year. I know that we did do a fun tour of Canada with Huevos Rancheros. It was my favorite time in Canada. Stompin’ Tom Rules. In October, we went down to Willie’s studio on Lake Travis to work with Paul Leary and Stuart Sullivan on what is probably my best album ever. But, it seems that I’m never a good judge on those things. I will say that it was the most enjoyable session that I’ve had partly because of the setting — the Texas hill country. Deer, Willie, wildlife, the lake, golf, nice people and gorgeous scenery. Everyone should visit Texas at least once. The hill country can be so rugged it is almost surreal. Cactus, rock, Mesquite trees that can cut you up. Rolling hills with views like no other. Lakes with forty foot cliffs. Bats. I love all of the caves and the bats. Anyway, Paul Leary is our producer this time around. He is the guitarist for the Butthole Surfers. I think that Paul is a genius. He restored an old ’30 Chevy (or something like that) when he was fifteen. I have a lot of respect for what he and his band has accomplished. Their lead singer, Gibby Haynes, produced our second album, “The Full Custom Gospel Sounds Of The Reverend Horton Heat.” Paul worked on that one too in preproduction. On this project, Paul had me going for more of the straight rock-a-billy and Rev.-style stuff with a little bit rawer sound than some of our later stuff. Actually, I’m glad Paul liked this direction I took back to the good old Reverend Horton Heat stuff that got me and my boys where we are today. We can always get a little “out” like we have done on other projects. And, over time, those projects will hold up. But, this project has some crazy stuff too. More crazy guitar solos, better singing, more Fender spring reverb, great bass slappin’, great sounding drums that are as tight as Mae West’s girdle. I would like to thank Paul Leary and Stuart Sullivan for all of their great help on this project. Now, what the silly critics say may be another thing, but, they can’t deny that we are the best “Reverend Horton Heat style” band in the whole universe. So, I got back from my session in Willie World for Thanksgiving, and, here we are six days later — on tour. I love it. I have to go now. I have to practice my guitar. Why? Our opening band is Los Straitjackets. Therefore, we are going to have to play really good. When the opening bands are this good, I know that this whole thing is getting crazy. I think one of the Straitjackets guitarists is Eddie Angel. He’s a great player who was in a band called the Planet Rockers. They were pretty much one of the best straight rock-a-billy bands in the world. Check ‘um out.

Until Whenever,
Jim “The Reverend Horton