From Nashville

OK Kittens and Cats,

I’m in Nashville. Music City. I don’t have long — maybe five minutes.

Last night in Tulsa at Cain’s Ballroom was so great. I mean, not us, but the whole vibe. Coolest old dancehall in the world maybe. Big pictures of Hank Williams, Bob Wills, Kay Starr and all of the old and great country artists. But, these pictures have been there for ages. The backstage was designed to keep Hank Williams from getting to the bar. Elvis played there. They all did — the great ones. Thanks for the gig. Thanks to Cain’s.

Tonight, Nashville. Home town of Los Straitjackets — kinda. I’m going to go see Hank III. He’s opening up for us. I saw on his CD that he wrote a nice note of thanks to Wayne Hancock. That’s cool because I also have a lot of respect for Wayne Hancock too, so…gotta go, I’ll let you know.

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Jim “Rev. Horton Heat” Heath