It's Martini Time
It's Martini Time

Interscope Records, July 2nd 1996

Track Listing
1. Big Red Rocket Of Love
2. Slow
3. It’s Martini Time
4. Generation Why
5. Slingshot
6. Time To Pray
7. Crooked Cigarette
8. Rock This Joint
9. Cowboy Love
10. Now, Right Now
11. Spell On Me
12. Or Is It Just Me
13. Forbidden Jungle
14. That’s Showbiz

Jim “Reverend Horton” Heath: Vocals, guitar
Jimbo Wallace: Upright bass, vocals
Scott Churilla: Drums, vocals

Tim Alexander: Piano, organ and accordion
Dan Phillips: Steel Guitar
Billy Pitman: Guitar
Jim Lehnert: Tenor and baritone sax
Gary Sweet: Trumpet
Erik Swanson: Trombone

All sones by Jim Heath – Horton House Publishing (BMI) except “Slingshot” by Jim Heath, Jimbo Wallace, Scott Churilla – Horton House Publishing (BMI) and “Rock The Joint” by H. Crafton, D. Keene, D. Bagby – Andrea Music Co. (SESAC)
Produced and engineered by Thom Panuzio
Engineering assistance provided by Keith Rust and Terry Slemmons
“Crooked Cigarette,” “Rock The Joint,” “Cowboy Love,” “Or Is It just Me” and “That’s Showbiz” Mixed by Thom Panunzio
Assisted by David Nottingham
“Big Red Rocket Of Love,” “Slow,” “Generation Why,” “Slingshot” and “Time To Pray” Mixed by Chris Shaw
“It’s Martini Time,” “Now, Right Now,” “Spell On Me” and Forbidden Jungle” mixed by Keith Rust
Mixed at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles, CA – Crystal Clear Studios, Dallas, TX – Mad Hatter Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Recorded at Crystal Clear Studios, Dallas, TX and The Village Recorder, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered By Robert Vosgien at CMS Digital in Pasadena, CA
Art Direction by Unleashed
Photography by Jennifer Broussard and Marina Chavez
Additional Illustration by Richard Lee Smith, Jr