Full Custom Gospel Sounds Of...
The Full Custom Gospel Of

Sub Pop Records, April 20th 1993

Track Listing
1. Wiggle Stick
2. 400 Bucks
3. The Devil’s Chasing Me
4. Livin’ On The Edge (Of Houston)
5. You Can’t Get Away From Me
6. Beer:30
7. Big Little Baby
8. Lonesome Train Whistle
9. Bales Of Cocaine
10. Loaded Gun
11. Nurture My Pig
12. Gin And Tonic Blues

Jim “Reverend Horton” Heath: Vocals, guitar
Jimbo Wallace: Upright bass, vocals
Taz Bentley: Drums, vocals

Recorded in Memphis at Ardent Studios
Produced by Gibby Haynes
Engineered By Erik Flettrich
Design by Artchantry
Photos by James Bland